Wednesday, June 20, 2012

reflection paper

Cassandra Zong

Biology 100

Dr. Koob


Reflection Paper

According to the article reported in June 20, 2012, the children who exposed to HIV in the womb have more possibility to lose the ability of hearing. The report was based on the experiments participated by more than 200 children from seven to sixteen years old, and all had been exposed to HIV before birth, 60 percent of them were HIV-positive as the result. Furthermore, the risks of having hearing loss for children who explode to HIV have as high as 2 to 3 times of risk than the normal. Moreover, the acquisition of language skills may delay even a mild injury of hearing loss occurs, also the use of assistive devices will be required if a more severe situation happens. The author also claims that the problems which the transmission of sound from the nerves of the ear to the brain were one another factor of hearing loss. (Children Exposed…1).

Depends on what we learned in the class, male to male sexual contact ranks the most prevalent way to spread Aids (53%), followed by high-risk heterosexual contact which is 31 percent of the total. The rests are injection drug use and the people who did both male to male sexual contact and IDU. Also, there are 33 million living with HIV, and 70 percent of them are in developing countries.

There are eight steps of how HIV virus entre to human's body and cause the immune system died. (1) attachment and entry, (2) reverse transcription, (3) DNA insertion, (4) transcription, (5) translation, (6)assembly, (7) budding, (8) release. When the virus damages the cell wall of helper T-cells, it kills them, and eventually, the immune system can't keep up with the virus.

The article that I am talking about brings us one new concept about Aids, it is not only damage the immune system of human's body, but also affect the transmission of sound from the nerves of the ear to the brain, which cause the hearing loss. This piece of news helps us know more about the harm of Aids. And also we should get more aware of protecting ourselves from getting it.

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  1. Your blog was informative on the ways in which HIV can enter the body and the different people who are more likely to get the disease. It also clearly states what can happen to a person if they get HIV such as hearing loss. One way that you could have made it better might have been to explain things that you were saying so that the average person could read it and have some understanding of what you were explaining in your blog.

  2. Wow, very informative on HIV. You have listed different ways to acquire the disease, symptoms, etc. I think the one thing, which I agree with Roxy, is that it seems more as an essay form, which we are doing blogs that are more casual. The other thing is that I saw that you cited something in there which I just found out on the syllabus we weren't supposed to do. Other than that though, I thought it was very knowledgable and interesting.